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The Adoption Center

"The worst foe lies within the self..."



Here it is!

RULES of Adoption

1.) You can adopt things from either Parasite Eve or Parasite Eve II
~Please do not request people, this includes Flint
~But (almost)any item you can think of(I'm fairly okay with just about anything)is up for grabs.
2.)Please do not request already taken items.
3.)I will put up names, code names or e-mail addies next to the adopted item to those whom request it.
4.)Please do not request more than 3 items 4 at the absolute most
5.)Please be original if you choose a code name
~Please do not use someone elses code name
~Please do not use a Character's name (ie: Aya Brea, Eve ect.)
~You may use a Character's name within your code name though (ie: AgentAyaBrea, EveKicksAss, WayneRocks ect.)
~If your E-mail addie is a Character's name then the @{whatever server}.com after it ( you choose to use it that is

And that is about all my rules ^-^ Enjoy


Here's all ya gotta do:
E-mail me at will reply ASAP, most likely on weekends though)
Put in the E-mail:
What you are adopting
Code name/E-mail addie(Choose just one, both if you like but if you give me both they both go up on the site)

And I will E-mail you back to tell you if your Adoption is Okay or not because this is a "first come first serve" thing who ever gets there first gets the item for adoption, ^-^ Thanks and Enjoy

More Leagal stuff
This is a FAN thing not doing it for profit here im a broke teen mind you so please don't sue me, I'd rather take down the site than lose my pants thank you muchly ^-^

List of Adopted Items

Aya's Leather Jacket
Aya's Car
Pierce's Sunglasses