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Hey, Glad you stumbled on to my site...

::smacks herself:: oh no that wasn't corny at all -_-o Anyway On my site I'll have a Fan Fic page (which is still in the works) and an adoption page coz well Damnit I have never found a Parasite eve adoption site so heres mine. Crappy as it is but oh well. This place is still und...::a big brick falls on her head:: construction so please be tolerent of me ^-^ While I'm off getting some ice for my head enjoy the site...

Oh on a side note: Most of the links are still under construction but the Adoption Site is OPEN! well mostly i gotta take the already adopted items and post them so like i said bear with me im still worken here ^-^ but ive made progress ^-^

Oh one more thing, if ya wanna E-mail me to see what adoptions and stuff are still open feel free my e-mail is ^-^ ::goes back to slacking:: Oh this site prolly wun get ALOT of updates coz for some reason I have to go to a place where they teach things and i reminds you of jail....or a slaughter house ether way it sucks. Stupid School...

Please sign my guestbook and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips.(eh just kinda left that here heh ^-^)

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Ill also get stuff to go here to ^-^

Leagal Stuff
I do not own parasite Eve, I am not makeing money off this i am just a fan and PE belongs to Squaresoft. Sides if ya sued me youd only get my pants and 35 cents im a broke teenager whatda expect? heh ^-^